I Was In A Minor Car Accident In Oregon. Do I Need An Attorney?

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I am often asked this question. The answer is, as usual, it depends. If you are in an accident, get checked out at Urgent Care and require no further treatment then you should be able to resolve your claim unrepresented. There are other complications that can arise which may require an attorney, but most claims like this are handled without attorney involvement.

It is my opinion that you should hire an attorney if your medical treatment lasts longer than one month. A variety of issues can arise during your claim. As discussed in previous posts, your insurance company may want to send you to an Independent Medical Exam (IME) and terminate your medical benefits. This usually requires a lawsuit to recover any unpaid medical bills so an attorney is required.

There are numerous other scenarios that favor attorney representation. Liability disputes and property damage disputes are just a few examples. Further, most people are not familiar with particular Oregon laws that are very beneficial when pursuing minor injury claims.

Each situation is unique so it is impossible to have a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. I always give free consultations to potential clients. I provide an honest, thoughtful opinion on whether attorney representation is necessary, and I’m not afraid to admit when a potential client doesn’t need an attorney.

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