Legal Counsel with a Human Touch

If we agree to pursue your case, it will be my sincere privilege to represent you. While I have a great administrative team supporting me, I make it my practice to be personally available to my clients when they have questions or concerns.  I’m here to protect your rights during this difficult time, and to alleviate the hassles of finding yourself entangled in the complicated machinery of the legal process.

My top priorities, always, are:

  • Giving you straight answers.
  • Relieving your anxieties about the legal process.
  • Getting you what you deserve. 

A Shared Experience with Personal Injury Law

Following an automobile accident I was involved in several years ago, I found myself mired  in a personal injury claim of my own. This was an eye opener in so many ways. The experience heightened my conviction to represent my clients in their own personal injury cases with the compassion that such a shattering life event demands.

People over Profits

My core belief is that the civil justice system should be a level playing field. Unfortunately, the insurance industry is one of the most powerful lobbying forces and industries in the world, always laying roadblocks in the path of justice. I view my role as being an advocate for my clients, making sure they fully understand the legal process, know the options available to them, and have access to qualified, compassionate representation to pursue an equitable resolution of their claim.

My Focus: Family and Fairness

I first visited Portland when I was a law student at the University of Montana, and went into private practice here in 2008. The city’s unrivaled cultural and recreational bounty presented me with a wonderful opportunity to pursue the things I value most in both my personal and professional lives.

I grew up in Austin, TX, where my father was also an attorney. I earned my undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Before joining the bar, I spent 5 years in the financial services industry in Colorado and California, including running my own mortgage company. When I’m not practicing law, I enjoy spending time with my family exploring Oregon’s vast and beautiful natural resources. We love to hike and camp, and I’m a big fan of Portland’s live music scene.

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